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From 2015 new treatments are in our Castle Hotel!

Special massages, face- and body treatments

Ayurvedic Dream:
(Relaxing, revitalizing) What makes this treatment so transforming for clients is the use of marma - or vital energy points. Marmas are found all over the body, but are particularly concentrated on the face, neck, and upper chest. Combined with polarity therapy, selected organic oils, and a loving attitude, people feel this treatment to be as balancing and energizing as a full body massage
Ayurvedic facial Marma massage (and cleavage massage) with a wellness herbal peeling,
amla (Indian gooseberry) vitamin mask, centella infused oil & essential oils+ ayurvedic foot massage

Amazon Princess:
(All natural, anti-aging, hydrating, egzotic) The beauty secret ritual of the Amazonian tribes…
Amazon Princess face massage with Babassu- and Argan oil, Kurland yellow clay cleansing and herbal, wellness face treatment with Acmella and Maca root

Honey Bee Queen Pampering:
Experience the real indulgence! 80mins delightful pampering with the power of herbal honey and royal jelly and real silk protein.. for silky- smooth skin
Kurland Goats milk cream face, neck and cleavage massage,
Kurland enzyme peeling clay cleansing,
+ herbal honey, royal jelly, silk protein, orange blossom wellness treatment.

Kurland® Immediate Beauty:
(face lifting effect, natural, effective)
“With the power of nature˝ – to us, this is more than just a slogan. It is a commitment as well as a promise! For more than 40 years.'
Kurland Immediate Beauty wellness facial and Indian Marma facial massage with Argan-Aloe oil
Gentle Kurland Goats milk-herbal peeling; Immediate Beauty Cress serum; firming alginate mask
Foot and hand massage with warm oil blend

Chakra Foot Massage(deep relaxation) with wellness treatment:

Chakra foot massage could be one of the most profound experiences you can have.

Chakra foot massage is a practice of using the fingers to massage zones on the feet (very gently) that correspond directly to areas of the body. This massage technique is also using color “therapy“. Using these two methods together can support health from the inside out. This treatment is not qualified as Medical Therapy, however it has significant beneficial effect!

Chakra Foot Massage + Wellness Treatment:

Chosen peeling + chakra massage + leg and foot care with chosen organic plant based oils and Aroma Botanica essential oils.





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