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Once the Castle of Széll

"Quality of life, health, maintainbility"

There is more and more pretense from our Guests to the natural and healthy environment, to the high-quality dishes made by primer producers, to the healthy nutrition and sustainability. Knowing this pretense and using the capability of Őrség we are operating as a BIO Hotel from 2014.

How we differ from other BIO Hotels?


As you enter the castle positive feelings possess you. It is not unintentional, because the castle was built in 1890 and now consitute the part of the National Hertiage. Széll Kálmán laid a charge on Hauszmann Alajos to scheme the castle. It functioned as a summer residence, you can not find a better place to relax. The touristic region of Alpokalja is a climatic health resort.

The renovated interior design has its own wonder, let’s drink a cup of tee where Vörösmarty Ilona did!

Our 12 rooms wait for our Guests who are pay attention to quality-sleeping also! Bio comfort rooms are equipped with IGNIFUGO beds.


To the castle belongs a 2 hectares park; with its 100 years old trees it is the perfect place to renew ourselves. The trees give off positive energy. At the end of the 1800s Deák Ferenc planted 13 trees in remembrence of the 13 aradi martyrs.


Besides of the 4* hotel rooms the anti-aging and a wellness center also takes place. At the wellness center you can fing infra and Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, steam cabin, aromatherapy room, massage, cosmetics, and our special anti-aging treatments. The medical and wellness center is also availabe for those who do not have booking in our hotel.



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